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QuietWalk® laminate floor underlayment

Posted by Michael Stevens
Michael Stevens
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on Wednesday, 02 March 2016
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Another product we viewed at the IBS show was QuietWalk.

QuietWalk® laminate floor underlayment smoothes out little sub-floor imperfections while quieting impact sound and floor to ceiling noise. Not only does it dampen ambient sound in the room it is installed in, but it also inhibits sound from traveling into the room below.

The recycled fibers that comprise QuietWalk® are randomly air laid which offers the best cost-effective foundation and premium sound control for laminate floating flooring in the marketplace today.

quietwalk main2

Key features of QuietWalk include:

Sound absorption

QuietWalk’s filaments are randomly air-laid creating a capillary
affect to cushion the floor, absorb sound, and help make laminate
floors sound more like real wood.
Impact Insulation Class (IIC) = 71
Field Impact Insulation Class (F-IIC) = 60
Sound Transmission Class (STC) = 66 & 54

Moisture protection

When installed properly, QuietWalk can wick sub-floor or incidental
perimeter moisture and disperse it through the pad. Moderate
amounts of moisture will eventually dissipate over time by perimeter
or sub-floor evaporation, provided the source of water such
as a leak is stopped.

Smoothing out minor sub-floor imperfections

QuietWalk is firm enough (density=11.04lbs/ft3; compression
resistance @ 25% = 9.5 psi) to support the overlaying floor, but
flexible enough to form around sub-floor surface roughness that
may otherwise cause laminate panels to “rock” or lay unevenly.

Insulation value

QuietWalk will add an R-Value of .58 to the floor system.

Approved Substrates

  • Dry, completely cured concrete (at least 28 days old)
  • Concrete and masonry blocks
  • Cement backer units (CBU)
  • Cementitious screeds, leveling coats and mortar beds
  • Waterproofing and crack-isolation membranes
  • Wood, plywood, or OSB subfloors that meet NWFA Subfloor
  • Guidelines and Specifications, and meet applicable building codes.
  • Cement terrazzo floors

To learn more about the product, please visit

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