SCE Lighting

Effective Energy Management Saves Money!

SCE Multifamily Energy-Efficiency Program offers no-cost energy-saving products including ENERGY STAR Light Fixtures, LED lamps,window evaporative coolers, faucet aerators and low flow shower heads through our authorized contractors.

SoCal Apt DingbatMake the switch and lower the usage and cost of energy and water for your property. These no-cost solutions are easy first steps on your road to savings.No-cost offerings include energy-efficient equipment and installation, if applicable.*

*Customers are responsible for any required permit fees and any ancillary charges such as filters, drain covers, electrical upgrades, etc. Program overview can be viewed at

Green Project Marketing is working with authorized SCE contractors on lighting programs for multi-family buildings.

Program parameters for SCE multi-family customers include: Exterior - all hard wired patio lights and fixtures; common areas (hallways; outdoor lights); laundry rooms; recreational rooms; Interior - light and potentially fixture above sink; light and fixture in bathroom vanity; fan lights. A great program.

 Program Participation Contact:

To participate in the various SCE rebate programs and for more information, please contact: Michael Stevens at 310-890-9182 or mstevens(at)greenprojectmarketing(dot)(com) or Joseph Bradley at 310-985-3948 or jbradley(at)greenprojectmarketing(dot)(com).

Contact Green Project Marketing

To discuss how your company and project can benefit from our services as well if there are representation opportunities, please contact Michel (Michael) Stevens, President, at (800) 260-6008 ext. 301 PST or mstevens[at]greenprojectmarketing[dot]com. Skype ID: GreenProjMktg.