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What is GutterBrush?

GutterBrush is very Simple and it WORKS! GutterBrush is a “twisted in wire” polypropylene brush with double UV protected bristles. The center core is 12 gauge galvanized steel. It's Made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty.

How does GutterBrush work?

Gutter Brush in gutterWhen placed in a rain gutter, the stiff bristles of the GutterBrush fill the entire gutter filtering leaves and debris. Rain water enters the gutter freely, passing through the GutterBrush and down the drain path.

Gutter protection is the perfect profit add-on to any contractor working in the industrial, commercial or residential segments. GutterBrush Gutter Guard is simple for clients to understand and insanely easy to install. Just a few extra minutes on could easily make your jobs more profitable.

GutterBrush provides commercial building owners and residences with simple and effective gutter protection. It keeps rain gutters flowing by keeping leaves and debris out. GutterBrush benefits the building owner by protecting the building from overflow water damage while at the same time virtually eliminating annual gutter cleaning.

Benefits for Roofing & General Contractors

Add Valuable Profits to Each Job and Solve a Common Problem for Your Customers!

Easy InstallationEasy Installation. No tools are required to install GutterBrush.

While up on the roof or checking the roof, this added-value product will offer a nice increase in overall size of a customer order and drive profits.


Fits All Size GuttersFits all sizes and styles of rain gutters. Works with all open-top residential and commercial gutter systems as well as mobile home gutters, pool cage gutters and steel building gutters.

Available in diameters from 3.25 in. to 8 in.


AffordableAffordable. The more you purchase, the higher the profits. Most contractors purchase initial kits to try it out and then move to pallet orders to maximize profits.

It Works! Guaranteed! All GutterBrush orders come with a 100% Happy Customer Guarantee. If you don’t like it - just send it back and we'll refund your purchase price.


Property Management Program for Maintenance Supervisors

Property Management companies can save their clients time and money by installing GutterBrush products.

  • Proven product for Industrial, Commercial and Multi-Family buildings
  • Easy Installation for Maintenance Staff
  • Low Cost/Building versus Gutter Cleaning Costs
  • Durable. Guaranteed.

Order GutterBrush Today!

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