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The Original Rainwater Pillow®

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A rainwater harvesting system ideal for irrigation, toilet flushing, storm water management, and fire suppression.

  • Your Original Rainwater Pillow comes as a complete rainwater harvesting kit that includes the pillow, filter, pump, remote control and all fittings fully automated and easy to use. Potable and Non-Potable systems.
  • Harvest from 1,000 to 200,000 gallons of rainwater. Store in wasted horizontal space such as a crawlspace, greenhouse, under deck area or under your porch. Custom size pillows can be manufactured to fit your available space. Commercial and Residential applications.
  • Pillows are made from durable, heavy duty, industrial strength fabric commonly used by the military. A woven polyester scrim that is coated on both sides with a polymer alloy is the foundation to the material's strength, stability, and durability. Historical use and lab testing shows UV resistance of 20 + years.
  • Collect, filter and store rainwater for use in your garden hoses, standard sprinklers, drip irrigation systems, flush your toilets, etc. You can even use it to wash your car! Potable water systems available.
  • Our systems are designed to meet site-specific requirements and goals with economical solutions

Innovative Hybrid Systems for Residential and Commercial application

Potable NSF 61 and FDA compliant pillow systems.

This means NO VOC or off gassing.

LEED Point Systems

NAHB credits 6 - 8 points toward The National Green Building Standard

Cradle - to - Cradle Systems

The Original Rainwater Pillow - complete kit    The Original Rainwater Pillow - filter   The Original Rainwater Pillow -Standard half hsp 7amp Pump

    Complete System                                       Filter                             Pump - several options

Rainwater Harvesting Collection and Use

The Original Rainwater Pillow® is designed for the kind of short, heavy downpours we often experience. Three inch pipes allow massive amounts of water to be collected with minimal water waste.

Rainfall flows down your roof and into your gutters, where it is channeled through a filter into the Original Rainwater Pillow, which rests in your crawlspace or greenhouse, or under your porch or deck.

Two overflow outlets prevent over-filling. One can direct water to your garden or back to your downspouts. The other flows into a drain. The filter removes leaves and debris and can be painted with any exterior grade paint.

Every part of the system that can come in contact with your home's interior is completely sealed; no moisture from The Original Rainwater Pillow will leak, evaporate or otherwise enter your home.

When you need outdoor water, simply connect a hose to the system and press the remote control button. The system's 25 psi water pump will pump 10-12 gallons of water per minute - about the same pressure as most outdoor hose connections.

The Original Rainwater Pillow Overview - Green Project Marketing

Please review installation video to learn more about The Original Rainwater Pillow

Material Specifications

The Original Rainwater Pillow is manufactured for long term water storage usage. The Pillows are made from first grade materials and all are provided with a certificate of fitness upon request.

  • The Material is a reinforced polymer alloy (polyester scrim coated on both sides with a PVC polymer). The same heavy duty industrial strength fabric commonly used by the military and fire departments.
  • Ultra violet radiation inhibitors are incorporated in the manufacturing process of the polymers to provide excellent ultra violet radiation resistance.
  • Fabric weight 6.5 oz sq yard
  • Total weight 30 oz sq yard
  • Its abrasion resistance is > 2,000 cycles. This means that an independent ASTM lab has determined that every square inch of the Original Rainwater Pillow can withstand friction more than 2,000 times before it begins to abrade.
  • The breaking strength of our material is 550 lbs per inch, which means a one-inch strip of it can hold 550 lbs.
  • Tear 80 lbs
  • Adhesion 35 lbs/inch
  • Seams are radio frequency welded, which means that we use electromagnetic energy to heat and bond materials together under pressure, ensuring strong, leak-proof seams. Each pillow is pressure tested before shipping.
  • It is severe-weather tolerant, able to sustain extreme temperatures, ranging from -30 to +160 Fahrenheit.
  • Easily repairable with heat or cold bonding.

The Original Rainwater Pillow is exceedingly durable and shows excellent resistance to ruptures, abrasions and leaks.

It has also been shown to be impervious to rodents in 30 years of experience using these pillows in crawlspaces, under decks, in yards and a wide variety of other spaces that rodents tend to like, our manufacturer has never seen any rodent damage. And neither have we ! We have installed pillows outside in areas infested with cats, racoons, armadillos, rats, squirels, and mice. These animals have shown no interest in the pillows.

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