SaveSorb - industry-leading, all-natural oil and chemical peat absorbent

SaveSorb is an industry-leading, all-natural oil and chemical peat absorbent. It’s both less expensive and dramatically more effective than any clay, cellulose or silica-based adsorbent on the market today. The key ingredient in SaveSorb is formulated peat that has been dried, blended, sifted and ph balanced to produce the best oil absorbent available.

SaveSorb doesn’t just pick up oil like a paper towel or sponge, but rather truly absorbs and encapsulates oil molecules. This full absorption means that SaveSorb does not leach absorbed product when under pressure or exposed to water.

It’s this non-leaching characteristic that has allowed SaveSorb to pass U.S. Federal and CA State non-hazardous landfill requirements for a multitude of products (e.g. motor oil, hydraulic oil, diesel, gasoline).  

Key industries that use SaveSorb peat absorbent include:

Ports Marinas and HarborsPORTS, MARINAS & HARBORS
Off-shore  and On-shore drilling  ON-SHORE & OFF-SHORE DRILLING Transportation Fleets               TRANSPORTATION Automotive Shops               AUTOMOTIVE SHOPS  

In addition, SaveSorb is hydrophobic. It floats on water and can be used to take oil or fuel off of the surface of water or can be used as a water filter. 

SaveSorb mats and booms can be used in environments where rain and runoff can cause oil cleanup and removal to be near impossible with other products. 

SaveSorb is offered in:

Loose Fill

Small; Medium Resealable; Large Compressed; X-Large Compressed bags; High Wind Mix; and Granular Acid Absorbent

Save Sorb Loosefill bags

Spill Kits

Hard Case - Truck; Soft Case - Truck; 5-gallon; 20-gallon; 65-gallon Overpack; and First Response Kits;

SaveSorb truck spill kit  SaveSorb 5 gallon spill kit  SaveSorb 65 gallon spill kit

Spillows & Berms

Various standard sizes for Spillows (2' x 2; 3' x 3'; Spillow Socks (6' x 4"; 8' x 4"); Berms (4' x 7"; 6' x 7"); custom sizes available

  SaveSorb spillow   Save Sorb large sox  Save Sorb large berm


Marine Barrier Mats; Marine Boom Wrap & Skirt; Containment Socks; and Bilge Socks

SaveSorb marine boom warp and skirt a  SaveSorb marine container sock  SaveSorb marine mats

Storm Water Protection

Storm Water Wattles; Eco Filter Socks; Below Grate Drain Filters; and Above Grate Drain Filters

 SaveSorb Storm Waddle b  SaveSorb Storm Water Wattle c

Additional Product Offerings include 55 Gallon Drum Skirts and Tops

To view product additional video demonstrations and for additional product features and information, please click HERE.

Benefits of using SaveSorb

  • Dependable
  • SaveSorb immediately absorbs hydrocarbons
  • It is hydrophobic, so it is an excellent option for oil, fuel and chemical spills on water or roads.
  • It absorbs approximately seven times more than clay products per pound

Easy To Use

  • You simply remove it from the bag and apply it to a spill or place mat over a spill
  • Instantly begins absorbing
  • Completely encapsulates the oil spills
  • Extremely light weight, saving labor costs in cleaning and removal

Does The Job

  • The most effective hydrocarbon spill absorbent on the market
  • Works the first time, every time
  • Non-leaching
  • Passes TCLP and paint filter test required by landfills
  • Prevents 90 % of fumes related to fuel spills which helps to prevent vapor-based explosions
  • Effective on land or water

Cost Efficient

  • The most cost effective absorbent on the market
  • More than twice as cost efficient in absorbing hydrocarbon spills than sand or clay products
  • Light weight aiding workers using it; saves time with overall clean up
  • Easy to dispose of—landfill friendly.  Also, used SaveSorb is an excellent fuel source—with 17,000 BTU’s per pound

Absorbs Safely

  • SaveSorb is 100% dried plant matter.  It is 100% natural
  • SaveSorb contains no carcinogens (as found in many other absorbents)
  • SaveSorb reduces fumes by 90%, thus reducing dangerous inhalants
  • SaveSorb is lightweight, which helps to prevent back injuries of workers using it
  • We guarantee the consistency of the product
  • Nature’s ultimate solution to oil-based spills

Natural - Effective

  • Our proprietary drying process ensures maximum effectiveness.
  • The drying process increases the hydrophobic nature of the material, thus making it even more effective on water.
  • The drying process also maximizes SaveSorb’s absorption capabilities.
  • 100% organic without any additives.

Use For All Oil Based Spills

  • Extremely effective for every kind of hydrocarbon based spill.
  • Use for gasoline, diesel, fuels of any kind, oils of any kind, oil based paints, transmission fluid, and all other oil based spills.
  • Is also effective with acids and diluted water soluble oils.

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