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Trade Show Consulting

Is your company is planning on exhibiting or attending at an upcoming green trade show or conference?

If you are exhibiting, whether domestically or abroad, do you and your company have a separate:

  • pre-show strategy?
  • at-show strategy?
  • post-show strategy?

Attending an upcoming show or conference? Green Project Marketing can lay out a strategy along with a list of tactical elements to ensure walking a show is a very productive experience.

Do you want to attract targeted leads pre-show, cultivate leads at-show and drive calls to action post-show? Interested in maximizing sales from a given show?

Of course you do… but how can you and your company increase its success rate?

  • Increase brand awareness?
  • Promote a new product or service?
  • Drive more targeted traffic to your booth?
  • Ensure that more of your current client base and prized prospects make it to your company’s booth instead of spending all of their time at a competitor’s?

Think of a previous show or conference where you exhibited. Are you tired of seeing an employee or rep inside the booth look as though he or she had too good of a time the night before? How productive and motivated is this employee or rep to meet established goals for leads, appointments, quotes and sales?

If all three strategies have not been developed, your company is most likely not spending its personnel and event budget dollars wisely. Incorporating each of these strategies into an integrated program will allow you and your company to leverage its resources and maximize budget allocation dedicated to these types of events. Without it, how will you be able to accurately determine return on investment (ROI) and return on objective (ROO), among other metrics?

Please contact us today and let’s discuss an overall marketing strategy for walking and exhibiting at a show. We have a proven model that will:

  • Analyze your company’s assets and resources
  • Review the industry and category of your company’s products and services
  • Examine the show or conference from every angle
  • Determine the best plan of attack to meet and exceed established objectives

For attending or walking at an upcoming show or conference, Green Project Marketing can offer a list of tactical elements to ensure walking a show is very productive experience. A three-phase process is in order for walking a show too. Generate the highest quantity of quality leads. Speak to key decision makers at various places within the show. Follow-up immediately with already-designed sales and marketing materials.

Have you or your company considered participating in a virtual trade show?

Virtual trade shows are becoming more popular and worthy of reviewing for trial. Some shows have been forced to go online in order to survive. However, growth of broadband, video technologies and internet competency have made this option an attractive route.

Let’s discuss your current trade show programming and design a winning plan to ensure your company’s time and resources are being used properly.

For more information, please go to consulting(at)greenprojectmarketing(dot)com or go to the Contact page.

Contact Green Project Marketing

To discuss how your company and project can benefit from our services as well if there are representation opportunities, please contact Michel (Michael) Stevens, President, at (800) 260-6008 ext. 301 PST or mstevens[at]greenprojectmarketing[dot]com. Skype ID: GreenProjMktg.