Rain Barrel

Rain Barrels - Water Collection Systems - Fundraising Program

Residents, companies and organizations understand that water has become a major issue and is a precious resource in southern California.

At the same time, most everyone is aware of or part of a non-profit group that can use additional funds to support worthwhile programs.

Green Project Marketing is offering an easy-to-participate fundraising program that accomplish both goals. Save water. Promote water conservation. Raise needed funds.

How does it work?

Any group or organization signs up with Green Project Marketing for a rain barrel - water collection system fundraising program.

The program is open to anyone with a residence within the SoCalWaterSmart area, but we are currently working with LADWP and MWD customers.

The homeowner will purchase two (2) rain barrels upfront, at $85 each for a total of $170. Checks made payable to: Green Project Marketing

A receipt will be sent from Green Project Marketing to participant for total amount of rain barrels purchased.

How much can our group or organization earn?

Green Project Marketing is offering each group or organization $10/barrel!*
*Each household is to receive two (2) rain barrels (maximum per household)
With each household, this is $20/residence for your group or .org!

For example, 75 households participating at two rain barrels/home = 150 rain barrels. 75 households x $20 = $1,500 for your group or .org!

How does each homeowner receive 100% of upfront cost returned?

Participant will fill out rebate application - HERE.

Once address is entered, water agency will be automatically generated in system (LADWP and MWD offers up to $100.00/barrel with a two barrel maximum)

Send in a copy of the receipt from Green Project Marketing. SoCalWaterSmart.com will provide a reservation number for the rebate.

The name on the water bill must match the name on the rebate application in order to receive the full rebate.

If a water bill customer has already received a rebate for their address, they cannot claim any additional rebates for the same device or measure type. Rebates are limited to one per measure or device type per address.

Required documentation must be submitted within 60 days of application confirmation to be eligible for rebates.

Is there a minimum number of participants?

GPM Rain Barrel imageGPM requests that 75 households participate to initiate a program. If a groups has fewer participants, it may be combined with another group until this minimum number of households is reached**

**Again, there are a limited amount of funds in this SoCalWaterSmart water conservation rebate program. There is not any guarantee on when this program will be suspended, altered or end.

What does the standard program include?

Purchaser of rain barrels would pick up two rain barrels each at a pre-determined location.
Installation is performed by each participant.

An instruction sheet will be provided to each participant. This will include a list of products to support program, e.g. rain gutter connector; pavers to raise rain barrels off of the ground; connector hoses; suggestions for water conservation.

How soon can a rain barrel fundraising program begin?

As soon as 75 households participate, the pick-up program can be set up within approx. 2-4 weeks.***

***This based on full payment by minimum number of participating households. 

How does your group or organization get started?

To raise needed funds for your group or .org, please contact Mike Stevens at 310–890–9182 and mstevens(at)greenprojectmarketing(dot)(com). TODAY!

Thank you.

Contact Green Project Marketing

To discuss how your company and project can benefit from our services as well if there are representation opportunities, please contact Michel (Michael) Stevens, President, at (800) 260-6008 ext. 301 PST or mstevens[at]greenprojectmarketing[dot]com. Skype ID: GreenProjMktg.