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Department of Energy (DOE)

Energy is the vital force powering business, manufacturing, and the transportation of goods and services to serve the American and world economies. Energy supply and demand plays an increasingly vital role in our national security and the economic output of our nation.  It is not surprising that the United States spends over 500 billion dollars annually on energy.

Department of Energy (DOE)Increasing energy supplies. As America's need for energy grows, the Department of Energy (DOE) is meeting the challenge by establishing clean fuel initiatives to make the most of traditional fossil fuels while investing in cutting edge research to develop sustainable sources such as fusion and to employ hydrogen (an energy carrier like electricity) which can be produced from diverse, domestic sources and greatly reduce our dependence on imported oil.

Modernizing our energy infrastructure. By developing the infrastructure to support these fuels, DOE is striving every day to protect our nation's energy needs and our planet's environment.

Green PlanetEnsuring the productive and optimal use of energy resources, while limiting environmental impact.In addition, the Department of Energy is harnessing the power of the earth itself to meet our energy needs.Advances in wind, hydro and geothermal energy allow us to take advantage of clean, abundant energy. Cooperating on international energy issues. The Department's activities are instrumental in establishing the safety, reliability, and efficiency of energy supplies in a global marketplace.

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