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Green Project Marketing is pleased to represent, Enovative Group and its proprietary technology, industry leading demand controller system that is used in commercial applications for the main recirculation pump located in the boiler room.

Enovative AutoHot logo bHow is this system and product different from other typical hot water circulation pumps?

Most conventional hot water recirculation pumps are left running continuously, 24/7, whether or not anyone is actually using hot water.  This excessive pumping can cost building owners thousands of dollars every year in energy waste.

There are two times when the pump does not need to be running:

1)   If there is already hot water in the pipes (hot water is already at the point of use, so pumping is unnecessary)

2)  If there is no user demand.  The product uses sensors that read both demand in the building and water temperature to intelligently operate the pump only at times when it is needed.

2 14 Enovative Group Demand Controller  Domestic Hot water Circ loop Enovative Group

What types of companies or organizations should be purchasing and using this product?

  • Builders
  • Multi-family owners
  • Property management firms
  • Hotels
  • Assisted living facility owners
  • Universities
  • Restaurants
  • Municipalities

Any high usage facility or building that has a hot water domestic loop system is an ideal client.

The Enovative Group System will:

  • SAVE on gas usage each month
  • SAVE on electricity each month
  • INCREASE the life of the existing demand pump
  • SAVE on costly maintenance that occurs periodically from pin holes caused by wear and tear on hot water pipes
  • OFFER a reasonably priced system
  • PROVIDE a reasonably short period of time for return on investment (ROI)

Additional information can be obtained by viewing this video:

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