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2017 Earth Day - get involved - make a difference

Posted by Michael Stevens
Michael Stevens
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on Saturday, 22 April 2017
in Green Building

Earth Day 2017

2017 Earth Day

Let's protect the world's forests:

Since '90- loss of 1,000 football fields/hr-1.3mm square km; get involved; do your part.

Indonesia lost 39mm acres in last century, per Univ. Maryland & World Resources Institute

Brazil did a good job between 2004-14 reducing Amazon forest deforestation by 70%.

However, Brazil from 7/15 to 8/16 cut down 2 million acres of forest -not good; write to Brazil to stop this deforestation.

Let's do our share - get involved

Deforestation and forest degradation cause surges to greenhouse gases into atmosphere - support organizations such as The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International.

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