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Metropolitan Water District approves $350-million boost in lawn-removal rebates - good news!

Posted by Michael Stevens
Michael Stevens
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on Tuesday, 26 May 2015
in Green Building

Thanks to the MWD folks for approving $350mm more in rebate funding.

Green Project Marketing and its partners are working hard to assist consumers and businesses with turf removal, toilet retrofits to reduce water usage.

It's first come first serve out here in the Wild, Wild West - so any parties interested should move NOW and visit the SoCalWater$mart pages - Click HERE to reach this page. Then go to residential or commercial to fill out application, provide images, etc. to ensure square footage or number of toilets have been reserved. AmeriTurf ProGreen case study res yard a

For the turf removal, the MWD board was correct to reduce commercial rebates as they were taking too much of the pie - $1/square foot up to $25,000 annual maximum.

For residences, now $2.00 sq. ft, up to $6,000 max.  LADWP is offering the $1.75/sq. ft incentive bringing a 1,500 sq. ft. project to $5,625 rebate.

Take advantage of this program today as funding reserves will fill up fast.

MWD claims in the article, if the agency were to continue funding the program at $450 million after this year, it would result in a "very significant" rate increase — or about 7% for every $100 million in funding.

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