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Building right on top of freeways - what air pollution?

Posted by Michael Stevens
Michael Stevens
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on Friday, 21 July 2017
in Green Building ·

Developers - City Councils - Freeways

The American developer and the local politicians that agree to support developments, such as those on top of L.A. freeways continue to amaze.

Sure, on one hand, there are cries such as, "there is a huge housing shortage!" On the other hand, there are too many people in the City of Los Angeles and the city is not obligated to allow developers to build on every available lot nor to allow building in areas where even a middle school science student may say, "gee, that does not make sense to build in this area."

Please read the recent Los Angeles Times article on apartments such as Da Vinci on top of 110 freeway in downtown Los Angeles. In the article, it states that part of the requirements for the developer is to install air filters.

Da Vinci Apts 110 fwy

Air Pollution for Residents

Does it take a Rhodes Scholar to figure out that the tiny particles generating the carbon monoxide may be partially caught by filters, but these filters do not keep out all of the toxic exhaust gases.

In a way, it is evident that the people of L.A.have to live somewhere and that the city and developers will try to do their part to alleviate the housing shortage. Oh, by the way, it will come at a cost of infecting children and adults alike to future health problems, higher medical bills, and a brief presumption that some of those bills will be covered by all taxpayers.

As with many issues facing society, no easy solution here. However, common sense would dictate that residential dwellings should be a lot farther away than the 500 feet proposed. Let's get our act together, speak up to various city councils and stop abuses by developers in this area.

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