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Posted by Michael Stevens
Michael Stevens
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on Wednesday, 13 March 2013
in Green Building

The AIA Committee on the Environment’s "MEASURES OF SUSTAINABLE DESIGN”

COTE definition of sustainability and sustainable design:

Sustainability envisions the enduring prosperity of all living things. Sustainable design seeks to create communities, buildings, and products that contribute to this vision.

Design & Innovation – Sustainable design is an inherent aspect of design excellence. Projects should express sustainable design concepts and intentions, and take advantage of innovative programming opportunities.

Regional/Community Design – Sustainable design values the unique cultural and natural character of a given region.

Land Use & Site Ecology – Sustainable design protects and benefits ecosystems, watersheds, and wildlife habitat in the presence of human development.

Bioclimatic Design – Sustainable design conserves resources and maximizes comfort through design adaptations to site-specific and regional climate conditions.

Light & Air – Sustainable design creates comfortable interior environments that provide daylight, views, and fresh air.

Water Cycle – Sustainable design conserves water and protects and improves water quality.

Energy Flows & Energy Future – Sustainable design conserves energy and resources and reduces the carbon footprint while improving building performance and comfort. Sustainable design anticipates future energy sources and needs.

Materials & Construction – Sustainable design includes the informed selection of materials and products to reduce product‐cycle environmental impacts, improve performance, and optimize occupant health and comfort.

Long Life, Loose Fit – Sustainable design seeks to enhance and increase ecological, social, and economic values over time.

Collective Wisdom and Feedback Loops – Sustainable design strategies and best practices evolve over time through documented performance and shared knowledge of lessons learned.

Green Project Marketing works closely with architects in taking their approved specs to green manufacturers and distributors and negotiating its proven model to support green commercial and residential projects.

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